Maslavi Collection

The MASLAVI Collection is a reflection. A reflection of the past and a vision of the future. As the newest venture for the New York-based fashion house Jovani, MASLAVI brings forth a new look to the market; one that is rooted in Jovani’s 35-year history. Established in 1979 by Jacob Maslavi, Jovani has continued to expand and develop into a company that doesn’t just make dresses for one type of woman, but for every woman. With MASLAVI, Jacob’s sons, Saul and Abraham, plan to bring Jovani’s signature touch to the ready-to-wear market. “We named the line after our father,” said co-owner and Vice President, Abraham Maslavi. “He was an image of elegance, an image of generosity; a true visionary. MASLAVI is a reflection of him and his vision.” MASLAVI features 60 pieces that are right on trend for Fall 2014. From jacquard metallics and printed fabrics to leather and grommet detailing, MASLAVI brings a modern edge to Jovani’s elegant craftsmanship. “We felt that there was a void in the contemporary market for our customers that love our dresses,” said CEO and President, Saul Maslavi. “With MASLAVI, we’re incorporating our product into their everyday lives.” These pieces are versatile enough for both day and night. From the office to a cocktail event, MASLAVI gives women a chance to feel glamorous without feeling overdressed. Jacob Maslavi envisioned an apparel market filled with glamorous dresses for every woman attending any occasion, and his legacy is continuing with Jovani’s newest project, MASLAVI

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